“Sponsorship Matters - Get Community Connected”

 “Smart advertisers are those who set out to win the customer’s heart long before he/she needs their product. Their only goal is to be the company that he/she thinks of first and feels the best about whenever their need arises. Smart advertisers make no attempt to predict the moment of the customer’s need but buy enough repetition to ensure they will immediately spring to mind whenever such a need arises.”

- Roy H. Williams.


All Sponsorships include 2 tickets to all 21 Home Games.


       1. SCORE WITH DIGITAL - Community Sponsor Value $500

Get yourself and your brand community connected with our Website sponsorship listings & be a member of our sponsorship group, events & announcements.  Online banners and video ad campaigns on our website, in our E-Newsletters, in our game programs and represented in social pic posts & videos shared across all our networks.   Keep your business engaged all year long with Sponsorship Community Event Announcements

       2. GAME DAY SPONSORS - Community Sponsor Value $1250

Includes “SCORE WITH DIGITAL” Community Sponsorship and has amazing content and media exposure opportunities for our “GAME DAY SPONSORS” to enjoy.  Co-Branded with all  “pre-game”, “in game”,  “post game” & “Mascot Promotions”  Including promo video’s, radio announcements, game interviews & social posts.   All video content news both pre-Game & Post Game Videos are played across the Community Marketplace TV Network.

        3. HOME & AWAY SPONSOR  - Community Sponsor Value $2500

Includes “SCORE WITH DIGITAL” “GAME DAY SPONSORS”  Sponsorships and as an added bonus you will find your business in the center of it all with behind the bench banner sponsorship for both Home & Away Games - And your brand on the building! - Home Game are played at “The Delpark Arena” - formerly “ Oshawa Legends Center”  our Road Runners have high traffic Game Day Arena Glass Banners where our mascot hangs out to provide swag and hand out game day prizes. Be part of the commentary, rewards and be the sponsor of our game day online 50/50 lotto draws. 

         4. TEAM UNIFORM - Community Sponsor Value $5000

All of the other three sponsorships are included  but “TEAM CULTURE SPONSORS” tops them all, with major sponsorship branding on uniforms, jerseys, pants, helmets & hockey bags.  Your support will be shown off with on team uniforms, both home & away as well as on play player practice & warmup jerseys and team off ice uniform jackets.  - You will also find your logo’s on our mascot uniform doing community events, charity and school visits all year long.