• Written by Road Runners Webmaster Durham


  • SCORE WITH DIGITAL  - Community Sponsor Value $500


Get yourself and your brand community connected with our Website sponsorship listings & be a member of our sponsorship group, events & announcements.  Online banners and video ad campaigns on our website, in our E-Newsletters, in our game programs and represented in social pic posts & videos shared across all our networks.   Keep your business engaged all year long with Sponsorship Community Event Announcements.

Sponsorship Highlights 


  • Website Directory Sponsorship Business Listing.*
  • Scrolling Logo Advertisement, link connected to business website.
  • Banner & Video Advertisements with special offers,  our website provides self management access so you can change your ads at anytime.
  • Membership in our online sponsorship group, updated with ongoing community events, sponsors can reinforce their sponsorship 
  • E-Newsletter - with your business logo back to your own website.
  • Included in the Durham Road Runners - Game Day Booklet with Lineup
  • Sponsors Company Logo colour printed inside our Team Booklets
  • Game - Online 50/50 Lotto Sponsor - Co-Branded Fundraiser Donation*